Artwork Only – $

This version requires you to do all the printing. We simply design the artwork and send you a digital file – typically a high-resolution .pdf or .jpg. Then you print the digital file at home, take it to a local printer or use an online print shop! You choose. You are in complete control of choosing paper, printing, and assembling. **Quality of printing cannot be guaranteed by Ivory House Creative.


This high quality printing process achieves rich colors by transferring four ink colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black -- CMYK) to paper all at one time! Digital printing produces a flat image without any texture, and since all four colors are printed simultaneously, the printing process is fairly quick. Since this process does not require plates to transfer the ink to the paper (like letterpress or foil printing), it is the most economical printing process, especially for smaller quantities. For a fun and unique look, you can combine digital printing with letterpress and foil stamping for the best of both printing worlds!

(All of our standard digital prints are printed in-house on 100# smooth paper stock. Paper upgrades are available upon request.)

Letterpress Printing – $$$

Letterpress printing is a layered printing process that requires custom photo polymer plates for each color used throughout the design. First, a digital design is created and then there is another whole process to create the actual photo polymer plate…but let’s get real, we simply create the design and then our friends at the letterpress shop do their magic!

Once the design is run through the printing press, you are left with a beautifully debossed texture on the paper. Letterpress printing can be combined with digital printing, foil stamping or screen printing for an extra level of beautiful!

Screen Printing – $$$

Also known as silk screening, this beautiful process dates way back! For this process, a digital design is created and then sent to our lovely screen printing friends who create a screen for each color used throughout the design. Then they ink up the screen and transfer the design onto the paper or fabric! 

Foil Stamping – $$$$

This process is similar to letterpress, in that designs are done one color at a time and leave a beautiful impression. However, instead of photo polymer plates, magnesium dies are made and heated up for stamping. And instead of ink, a thin sheet of foil is pushed into the paper with the heated magnesium die. It is also awesome to combine this technique with either letterpress or digital printing to get an added pop of color or shimmer!

Hand-stamping – $$$$

For hand-stamping, a digital design is created which is then turned into a rubber stamp. The stamp is then blotted with an ink pad and stamped onto the paper, fabric, or wood. Because of registration (alignment) concerns, stamps should almost always only be used for one color designs.

Laser engraving & cutting – $$$$$

With laser engraving a laser is used to precisely etch away a material, creating a debossed effect. With laser cutting a laser is used to cut materials into specifically designed shapes.