Not sure where to begin when it comes to your wedding stationery? No problem!

The information below is designed to give you a good foundation, in hopes of making stationery planning an enjoyable experience. Below I have outlined your design options and some basic terminology, along with a few other important resources that will help you make an informed decision about all of your stationery needs. I hope you find all of this information helpful and I look forward to working with you!


A typical budget for ALL of your wedding stationery is 6-10 percent of your total wedding budget, with the bulk of your budget spent on the invitations.


At least eight weeks prior to your mail date is recommended for custom invitation design and four weeks for semi-custom design. But as always, the sooner the better!


Digital and printed proofs are provided for wedding invitation orders. All proofs must be signed off on prior to printing and assembly. Additional proofs are available upon request.


All clients will receive a personalized client portal. Here I will house your questionnaires, contracts, proofs, etc. This will give you easy access to all of your documents.



Semi-custom is the perfect way to get a quality invitation without breaking your budget. Choose from one of the designs and customize your colors and wording. Keep it simple or go for the upgrades to really set your invitation suite apart. Semi-custom design start at:

$5.00 per invitations suite



Custom Design

Looking for something different or have a specific idea in mind? Then custom design is the way to go. From watercolor washes to printing on acrylics the options really are endless. Custom design starts at:

$550 plus $5.00 per invitation suite.


wedding invitation structure

Invitation - This is the most important piece of your invitation suite. It includes all of the important details — the couple’s names, location, date, time and ceremony location. For more details on how to word this important item please visit the invitation wording page.

Insert Card - This is an optional piece that most couples include. The insert card houses all of the “other” information not included on the invitation such as accommodations, weekend events, directions, website info and more! Multiple insert cards can be included if preferred.

Response Card - The response card is mailed back to you indicating who is attending and their meal choice (if applicable). This card is coupled with the response envelope and is sometimes turned into a postcard for a simpler return process.

Response Envelope - This accompanies the response card and should be printed with your return address and adorned with proper postage, allowing your guests to reply with ease.

Inner Envelope - The most traditional way of addressing your envelopes. All of your guests names should be included on the envelope giving it a more personalized feel and indicating exactly who is invited. This would also be paired with an outer envelope that includes guest addressing.

Outer Envelope - This is the most standard envelope option. This should include the guest address and the names of all of the invited guests. Typically your return address goes on the back flap.


Foil Printing - A specialty printing process where a printing plate is made and the metallic foil is heat pressed into the paper. This is a great way to take your invitations to the next level.

Letterpress - Another speciality printing option where a printing plate is made. The ink is then pressed into the paper using an old fashioned printing press. This adds a lovely organic look and feel to your invitations along with a debossed feel.

White Ink - Digitally printed white ink. This works best on a dark, smooth paper stock and adds a lovely pop to any piece of the invitation suite.

Gilding - Metallic leaf that is hand applied. This adds a lovely metallic element, while keeping it organic and modern. Gilding can be done in a variety of colors. Gold, copper and silver are the most popular.

Deckled Edge - Deckling adds a torn edge to any invitation piece. This creates a lovely organic look and is sure to make your invitation suite stand out.

Die Cutting - A specialty cut shape. I have a variety of dies to choose from that can be applied to your invitation giving it a more customized look.

Add Ons

Belly Band - A strip of paper that wraps around the invitation to bundle the invitation suite together. It comes in any color and can be customized or paired with a monogram tag for a little extra detail. This add on keeps the invitation flat and does not require any additional postage.

Silk Ribbon - Silk ribbon is another way to bundle your invitation together, while adding a touch of elegance. This is typically paired with a monogram tag. This add on does require additional postage.

Monogram Tag - Typically paired with a belly band or monogram tag, this is a great way to tie your invitation suite together using a customized monogram. Standard monogram tags are 2.5 inches square but can be customized to fit your needs.

Envelope Liner - The perfect way to add a pop of color or a nice floral element to any invitation suite. These pair well with any invitation suite and add an extra layer of protection.

Mat Backer - Typically used when mounting the invitation to a pocket folder, this adds an extra layer to the invitation giving it an extra pop of color and extra layer of thickness. Offered in a variety of colors and patterns. Can be used without the pocket folder as well.

Pocket Folder - Offered in a variety of shapes and sizes and perfect for keeping your invitation neatly packaged together. This is a super popular option and is available for both custom and semi-custom design.

Vellum Wrap - A semi-transparent sheet of paper wrapped around your invitation suite. Typically sealed with a wax seal or monogram sticker. Can be customized for an extra level of glam and offers another layer of protection when mailing.

Vellum/Tissue Insert - A single sheet of vellum or tissue inserted between your wedding invitation and the rest of the invitation suite. It offers a traditional elegance along with a bit of protection from smudging and scratching.


Instant Downloads - artwork that is offered for sale as a digital item. This can be purchased and downloaded immediately. All instant downloads are in PDF form and are subject to a print release.

Poster Stock - A think poster type paper stock typically used for seating charts or signage. This type of paper stock requires a frame to stand up

Foam Core - A foam board offered in a variety of thicknesses. Typically printed on ⅛” thick board and used for seating charts or signage. Can stand on it’s own but very light weight. Would not recommend for outdoor settings.

Other Resources